Tiny Stadiums 2011

Amy Spiers

Beth Arnold

Dan Koop

Jen Hamilton - Amazing organiser.

Jen Jamison

Lara Thoms


Produced by PACT centre for emerging artists
Curated by Quarterbred
2011 Program
When 3 - 15th May
Times Tuesday 3 May Preview 7pm, Wednesdays to Saturdays 7pm, Sunday 3pm
Place PACT centre for emerging artists 107 Railway Parade, Erskineville, NSW 2043
Price $25 double bill  / $15 for single shows door sales only and subject to availability / no concessions (tickets are already discounted!)
Tickets online at www.greentix.com and door sales

The business is going through a hard time. Applespiel are not going to sugarcoat it for you. The stories are pretty scary, and some of them are true. Executive Stress/Corporate Retreat will get you fit enough to realise that, although it is an island we stand on, you have the power to turn the encroaching tide.  
CHEER UP KID by Nat Randall
Cheer Up Kid is a tragi-comedy about childhood anxieties, parenting failures and disturbing matriarchal figures in film. Nat Randall’s one-woman show is a camp and glitzy collection true stories taken from the fragile lives of the brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and the Carol Channings of this world.  

Dates Saturday and Sunday 14th and 15th May
Over the last year Lara Thoms has met with unofficial experts and learned about their skills, talents and obsessions. The Experts Project is a three-hour lesson in which she’ll share her version of their expertise with you. You can ask questions. She may not know the answer.
When 12-3pm
Where Erskineville Town Hall, Committee Room 
THE GIGLOO by Keg de Souza with Simon Yates and Vanessa Berry NSW
Within the incredible inflatable walls of this handmade igloo is a pure celebration of the social space, come join the fun. 
When 11-3pm
Where Park, 116 Erskineville Road, Erskineville
During Tiny Stadiums meetings of all kinds, both old and new, will be encouraged to take place at Meeting Point. To arrange the rendezvous of your desires, make a flyer and promote it with the help of artist, Amy Spiers. At the appointed time come to the signposted Meeting Point to see who will show up.
When 11-3pm
Where 61 Erskineville Road and Erskineville Town Hall
NEW PLANES zine cart NSW
The New Planes Book and Record Service is a mobile cart initiative aimed to connect curious humans with alternative stimulus. New Planes Public Press is an open model for writers and artists to experiment with text and images in print format.  
When 11-3pm 
Where Park, 2-4 John Street, Erskineville
pop channel by Jen Jamieson WA
She Will Write Til She Drops Into A Pop Lyric Induced Trance Channelling the spirit world, Jen will access pop lyric afterlife in a durational performance til she drops into an automatic writing trance. What will happen if she writes the lyrics of a Lady Gaga song over and over? An experiment that is most scientific; an investigation that is most Dada; a lot of pens and paper. 
When 12-3pm
Where McCarthy Square, outside Recycle Records, Erskineville Road
TIP TURKEY by Bennett Miller WA
Bennett’s recent works have placed animal subjects in a new context, a prominent example of which is last year’s Dachshund UN involving dozens of sausage dogs. At Tiny Stadiums Bennett has prepared a short film to attract and celebrate the often detested Ibis birds of Sydney. Look for his work in a discreet corner of the park on the corner of John St and Erskineville Road.
When 11-3pm 
Where Park, 2-4 John Street, Erskineville
Transplanted surfaces explores the textures of our urban environment. Beth Arnold will morph, translate and recontextualise fragments of walls, patches of ground and skins of objects into sculptural posters. Watch Beth make the work live and then look out for it around Erskineville. Installations at various locations in Erskineville Village.
When 11-3pm 
Where 63 Erskineville Road, Erskineville Road
WHAT LIES BENEATH (small soundworks for the sleepy) by Lucas Ihlein with the staff and students of Media Arts at the University of Wollongong NSW
As industry is flushed out of the city, we can easily lose touch with what lies beneath our tidy lifestyles: the gritty reality of good old-fashioned NOISE. What lies beneath (small soundworks for the sleepy) gives local residents the chance to rise and shine to an alarm made up of noises from steel manufacturing and computer dismantling factories recorded and created by Wollongong artists. www.whatliesbeneath.org
When Each morning of the festival
Where In your own bedroom
Dan Koop (DJK International) will hand deliver your Wish We Were Here postcard messages to recipients within five kilometers of PACT. Visit the booth, write your personalised message and discuss special delivery requirements to (re)connect with somebody nearby.  
When 11-3pm 
Where Outside Erskineville Town Hall, Erskineville Road

2010 Tiny Stadiums Festival

Photo-Op by Zoe Meagher
Photo by member of the public

Park for Planet Earth by Bababa International
Photo by Matthew Kneale

Sexy New Urban Design Team by Applespiel
Photo by Matthew Kneale

Nature League by Tiger Two Times
Photo by Matthew Kneale