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Jof O'farrel

Image Credits: James Brown

DECEMBER program announced

Quarterbred is boldly bringing together some of Sydneys most challenging artists engaged in contemporary arts for their Decemeber program.


Kenzie Larson The word game project
Involves the participation of many different players filming contributions that will make up a giant computer mediated word game.

The Safari team (Melb)
Will construct a subterranean sleaze factory during their seven day residency. The finale will involve a synchronized performance with twenty people inside this factory to be included in their new video Safari Team Dig to China.

James Harney
A blindfolded figure clad in black walks into frame, carrying a broomstick. A large square shaped piñata emblazoned with ‘Post-modern Piñata’ is suspended in the centre.

Frances Barrett
Will undertake a residency at Quarterbred to develop The Pink Piece, which is an absurdist eulogy to a drowned flamingo. It will take the form of a 'melancholic musical': a macabre experience of failure, story-telling and animal costumes. Or not.

Zoe Scoglio and Guests
Armed with a video projector, some triangles, hair and torches, Zoe will be undertaking shape-shifting experiments. She will reconfigure the mundane and banal to create twilight worlds inhabited with shimmering uncertainties, triangular apparitions and sounds turning solid. Torchlight discoveries will reveal creatures in corners, glistening portholes and mounds of what?

Sally Lewry & Teik Kim Pok
In a week-long laboratory, provocateurs Sally Lewry and Teik-Kim Pok, inspired by the popularity of performed interventionist art practice, will explore the notion of 'Socialised Urban Performance' through the staging of a one-off site-based event that cuts across our technology-filtered practice of human interaction. Sally and Teik-Kim will spend the last three days of their lab with an invited troupe of individuals in creating a familiar and tongue-in-cheek social experiment in an as-yet undisclosed location, which will culminate in a moderated evening sharing with photo and video documentation of the process.

HARD Party
Thirty artists involved in the HARD Party project will come together to develop work considering binge culture. The results will be shown on a party boat on Sydney Harbour in January 2009.

The Jackknife Twinset (Mish Grigor and Joseph O'farrel)
Are in development to create a new work, 'The Bar Room Brawl'. It is a work on video that is presented in chapters exploring a number of short visual narratives. The work will be accompanied by a number of acoustic, live and recorded sounds that will be played in a "mini cinema" by the artists.

Stay tuned for artist talks and devlopement showings for these artists.

And join us for the anti- talent quest.


Ship of Fools
MCs:Nick Sun & Fran Barrett
Ship of Fools is a dick in the ear of the establishment and an ear in the dick of the anti-establishment. A dionysian celebration of degradation and failure as the new success in an endurance anti-talent show format. The audience will be subjected to the illusion of power and a long string of genuinely offensive acts and are encouraged to judge, cast shame, abuse, throw faeces, spit, heckle or swallow. Go down with the Ship.

Interview from June Quarterbred now online!

Interview on 2SER from earlier this year June Quarterbred with Sydney Journalist Ellice Mol!

And scroll down for the interview with Project Manager Emma Ramsay!

We were also on Fbi's arts show CANVAS: Interveiwed by Matt Calico
AMAZING photograph of Emma Ramsay is here also. Nic Warnock was one of the aritsts who played the TAC/TIC event.

Check out their blog here!

GO community radio!!

Farewell to June and HALO! The December Program

Thanks to all who were a part of the passing Quarterbred!

The Rollerdisco WAS a highlight for all and thanks to everyone who came along to celebrate the end of the June Quarterbred with a bit of ol'fashioned Rollerdisco argy-bargy!

For any artist information or follow up details of events please email us with ANY queries or feedback.


A program has been confirmed!

THANK YOU to all of the artists who applied this round. Thanks for taking on our initiative as an opportunity to get your work our there, develop your practice and put on your own events!

A special thank you goes out to our applicants who put forward so some really inspiring and sometimes WILD proposals! The hard part for us is having to decide the best combination of artists for the overall program over the two weeks in December. For those who were unsuccessful please keep in touch for future opportunities, and keep us updated with any news regarding your practice.

So what can we expect for December?

Watch this space for further details!

Soon we will reveal the events and residencies for the second Quarterbred for 2009!

Mid Fest update!

Thanks to everyone who has come along to the events so far and kudos to our amazing residencies. Looking forward to the showings next week!

Tonight we have the Semaphore event form 7pm. Choochabahn supa dome all ages gig Saturday and Nextwave talks and a performance event Sunday! Scroll down for details or check out first post for the full program, times and prices!

Quarterbred Live Zine Was AMAZING

Check out more photos at

What an event on Tuesday with couches, live videos, strip shows, elderly cartoonists, cakes, punk bands, zinesters, giant hangman, bear wrestling, draw offs, drinking, maps, infotainment, live agony aunt and an EXTRAODINARY LIVE ZINE PRINTED ON STAGE to take home at the end of the night!

Thanks to all performers, big minds, techies, cake cookers, letter makers and organisers who offered their services in support of getting an amazing RISO print machine for cheap arts and community priniting! (3c a page!)

What a hot start to Quarterbred! See you during the week!

Quarterbred Sunday good times

Missed out on Next Wave festival? See and hear what went on at during the Melbourne art explosion, and how to get involved in 2010. 2pm
Check out new performances from some of Sydney' s best. 7pm

CHOOCH FLYER!! Yeow! Sat all ages SUPA entertainment!

Image Hosted by

Brought to you by the Chooch Chooch Chooch a bahn collective of musicans for all ages independent musics incorporated or

As seen on the 2SER site: Whats on!

Check us out!

You can stream 2ser 107.3 here!

2ser has been there from the beginging. Community radio is SO vital!!!

Applications for December Quarterbred still open!


Quarterbred, is an artist run iniative supporting emerging artists engaged in innovation, experimentation and cross-pollination. Quarterbred is now open for applications for events during two weeks in 2008:
DECEMBER 8th –21st

ARTS EVENTS for one to three days/nights.
Open to all artforms, particularly projects engaging with more than one artform.
Performances, discussions, exhibitions, screenings, sound, workshops, whatever you can throw at us.

- Pact theatre, a large, resourced warehouse theatre/art space in the heart of Erskineville (seats up to 150) (note: off- site activities will also be considered) - Access to technical equipment and technical advice - Up to $200 towards your project - Promotion of your event including color postcards and media - Front of House and Bar staff for your event. - An artists dinner with all Quarterbred artists Artists must: -Be committed to promoting their event. -Become a member of Pact ($15/$20) Please be aware that bar sales go to PACT theatre and door price is negotiable with Quarterbred if you choose to charge entry.

APPLICATIONS Please send an email to By July 7th with the following information: - Your contact details including email and phone number. - A paragraph describing your project - The time frame of your event (also consider set up and pack up) - The technical requirements for your project (Quarterbred does NOT have a technician for your project, consider installing/lighting/sound/video operation) - Bios of artists involved (No more than one paragraph each) - A loose idea of how you would use the money (May be used for Artists fees, production materials, technicians fees etc) Optional: Digital support material (only via email, and will not be viewed for over five minutes.)


Quarterbred is committed to a creating a diverse program of events. No project is too big or small – you might be a curator showing thirty works, or a performer with a 10-minute piece.

Quarterbred programs are made possible by Pact Theatre, City of Sydney and a dedicated team of volunteers.

Any questions:

Friday Night!

is an evening of creative collaborations and discourse in action.

This event draws together collaborative practices across sound, dance, poetry, visual arts and social situations. Such diverse performative processes and aesthetic relations will play out with live events and critical discussion.

Collaborative invention and live performance may be associated with flag-signalling and other secret systems of communication. Semaphore stages a discursive space and time to engage with methods and motivations in building collaboration.

Nick Keys + Astrid Lorange present Waking Hours, a poetic expedition through 24 hours of each other's language. Norie Neumark, Maria Miranda, Lucas Ihlein and Anne Walton build discourse expanding on their collaborative practices. Ben Byrne and Jes Tyrrell improvise loops of sound and video in their first collaboration together. Jessica Oliveri creates ‘dancestallations' where dancing girls awkwardly make their way through yoga inspired steps. Peter Newman and Jon Hunter bring the night to a dramatic close with Delirium Tremens, their latest collaboration of guitar and laptop doom metal.

When: Friday, 20 June 2008 from 7pm - 10pm
Where: PACT Theatre, 107 Railway Parade, Erskineville, NSW 2043 Featuring: Astrid Lorange + Nick Keys, Ben Byrne + Jes Tyrrell, Delirium Tremens (Peter Newman + Jon Hunter), Jessica Olivieri, Lucas Ihlein, Anne Walton and Norie Neumark + Maria Miranda
Admission: $5
Collaboratively co-curated by Jessica Tyrrell + Kathryn Gray
For further information on Semaphore artists and program, go to the blog:

Sponsored and supported by Quarterbred

Tuesday night!

With the Love Pump, Vanessa Berry, squatspace, Bruce Petty, wife, Teik Kim Pok, Draw -offs, cake comps, hangman and cheap drinks!



The first Quarterbred for 2008 begins later this month with a new batch of artist residencies and events. June Quarterbred will showcase the unique practice of more than 15 artists and collectives who are inspired by ideas of hybridity, experimentation and exchange. June 16 through 29 at Pact Space.


Now in its second year, this June sees the Quarterbred collective showcase some of the best emerging musicians, writers, performers and visual artists from NATIONWIDE!

Wack on your ugboots and waddle on down to PACT SPACE for two hectic weeks of residencies, B.B.Q’s, thrash metal, live zine making, performance, collaboration, improvised sound, installation and-

Not to be missed!! Come relive your childhood of prepubescent flirting at:


Tai Snaith and Narinda Reeders (Melbourne) bring you What's my name, fool! with a residency culminating in a giant roller-skating party!

Other residencies for QB#5 include:

Maniac: Andrew Piggott and Joel Woolf present bent TVs, destruction and mayhem.

Some Film Museums I Have Known
… A new show concocted by Eddie Sharp the man who shook Sydney with 'WONKA! A Live Cinema Remix'’.
Peepshow A visual art installation that will grow over the PACT space during QB#5 by Laura Castagnini (Melbourne).

QB#5 Events calendar include:

Tuesday 17th June LIVE ZINE Zine makers unite! An infotainment printacular, with audience and presenters creating zine content live to be published on the spot! A fundraiser event to purchase a RISO print machine for affordable and unique inependent publishing. $7 from 8pm

Thursday June 19th TAC/TIC A sound night featuring local experimental acts Onani and Knitted Abyss (Anna John from Holybalm and Lucy Cliche from Naked on the Vague/Intense Nest experimental music program) andfrom Sydney and Brassskulls from Newcastle. Curated by Emma Ramsay of Holy Balm fame. $5 from 7pm

Friday June 20th SEMAPHORE:
Collaborations. Co-creations. Get the dialogue started. Discussion and performance co-curated by Jessica Tyrrell & Kathryn Gray, featuring the talented Nick Keys & Astrid Lorange. $7/$10 from 7pm

Saturday June 21st OL MAN WINTER CHOOCH-A-BAHN: Sydney's famously all ages underground music event! Chooch-a-bahn events promote emerging music you will never hear on commercial radio AND they will feed you with a BBQ! $5 from 6pm ALL AGES EVENT

Sunday June 22nd: (Afternoon) NEXTWAVE TSUMAI: Artist talks/Show and Tell from Sydney’s top emerging artists fresh from their seasons at the Melbourne’s Nextwave 2008. Nextwave is the biennial festival of genre-busting new work by the newest wave of Australian artists. Featured panelists will include: Spat and Loogie and co, Brown Council, Post, Eddie Sharp, Clare Britton and Matt Prest (The Tent), Keith Lim, James Brown and Kenzee McKenzee. 2pm A FREE event!!

Sunday June 22nd: (Evening) THE TIME IS NOW A night of short works from some of Sydney's most exciting young performance makers. Team Mess present KILLING DON and bring their signature, erm, mess. Katherine Beckett has a story that needs to be told; COLOURED DIGGER and Amity Yore presents a new solo work beginging with the idea of mindfullness. Laura Castagnini our artist in residence will have open studio time. $7 from 7pm

SATURDAY 28th GIANT ROLLER DISCO PARTY Melbourne artists Tai Snaith and Narinda Reeders present the fruits of their residency and host a roller party..bring your skates and roller manouvres, roller blades welcome as are the roller-skate challenged...! 8pm FREE EVENT/CLOSING OF JUNE QUARTERBRED!

Presented at PACT SPACE
With help from City of Sydney Council and 2ser 107.3 community radio!

The first Quarterbred for 2008 begins this month with a new batch of artist residencies and events. June Quarterbred will showcase the unique practice of more than 15 artists and collectives who are inspired by ideas of hybridity, experimentation and exchange. June 16 through 29 at Pact Space.