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Quarterbred is looking for a new director!

Quarterbred is a Sydney -based a three year old artist run initiative. Quarterbred supports artistic development and innovative projects though programming and co-ordinating events and residencies. We aim to encourage risk taking, diversity, collaboration, cross –pollination and innovation across artforms. Quarterbred is a resident of PACT space and also curates the annual Tiny Stadiums festival. Artists and curators from around Australia are eligible to apply to be part of our yearly program. Past programs have included experimental sound events, a contemporary arts symposium, performance nights, site-specific installations and a variety of local and interstate residencies.

Quarterbred is part of the PACT program each year. It also functions as an independent body, free to develop events and programs in other venues.

The role of director is voluntary. If funding permits, curators fees are included for specific projects.

The new member will join the existing seven directors in curating, producing and administrating each Quarterbred program. It is both a creative role and a co-ordinators role. The diversity of tasks ranges from writing grant applications to opening beers to selecting applications to designing promotional material, to supporting artists.

Quarterbred aims to build community,creativity and exchange in Sydney and beyond. All tasks are spread evenly between directors, in both the lead up to the program and during the events.

Quarterbred directors are given priority in the program for curation of events. Quarterbred directors are also able to apply as artists to the program.

Quarterbred directors should :

* Be able to program and support diverse projects from a wide range of artforms.

* Carry out expected duties and be open to training to gain skills for these duties.

* Support the collective in its goals.

The new Quarterbred director must commit to:

* Attending a minimums of twelve meetings a year

* To support a minimum of four weeks of Quarterbred programming each year

* A minimum of 12 months in the position.

How to apply:

Send a email to quarterbred@gmail.com with:

* Your name and contact details

* Brief artistic/curatorial/general info bio

* Why you want to become a Quarterbred director

* What skills/experience you can bring to the Quarterbred collective

Applications should not exceed 2 pages. Applications close June 25th

Position will begin July 2009.