The Tiny Stadiums Festival launch
at the Pink Cake Shop was a blast.

Smello-vision double bill is now sold out for the whole season. Call 9550 2744 to put your name on the waiting list.

The symposium was a huge success with over 25 speakers and several flavors of scones.

With thanks to Silos Estate.

Smello- Vision Double Bill: Holiday + Asisthesis

Two shows for $15/$18!
24 February – 7 March. Wed - Sat
Both shows twice a night 7pm and 8.30pm.


Fresh from a sell out season at The Victorian Arts centre, Holiday is a half-hour tour of superficial stopovers, using sensory video and intimate performance to explore tacky tourism. Expect video goggles, airline meals, strange smells, fake tans and tropicana nightmares, all from the comfort of your aeroplane seat. A wry critique of package tourism.

“A slick and entertaining romp…seamlessly achieved”

Real Time magazine

Holiday: creators spat+loogie (Kat Barron + Lara Thoms), performer collaborators Naomi Derrick, Teik Kim Pok. Sound design/technician Fred Rodrigues.


James Brown

Asisthesis is a project exploring the ways in which music and sound can be represented and experienced by the body. Through the senses ofsight, smell and touch, the aim of Aisthesis is to create music that forges neurological links and create a multi- sensory experience of music.

Haze and smoke machines filled with self-produced fragrances are expelled into the audience and psychedelic animation is projected onto many walls, wrapped in a soundscape that drifts and snaps dramatically about.

At Pact 107 Railway Pde Erskineville
Ph 9550 2744

Erskineville Village weekend

Saturday March 7th and Sunday the 8th 2-5pm

Experience giant kaleidoscopic dynamite, karaoke massage, video hero's, delicate displays and interactive word games as artists take over shop fronts, pub televisions parklands and the local town hall.

Pick up a MAP and program at the Erskineville Green, Erskineville Road.
Check out these tiny spectacles at your own pace, no bookings required.

Scroll down for more info.


Rosita Holmes

To dust explores the temporality of architectural space and time: past, present and future. Using 300 kg’s of sifted icing sugar and the subtlety of breath the artist creates an environment that negotiates the liminal space between what is present and absent.

Photo: Rowan Conway

The Deli, Erskineville Rd March 7-8 2-5pm

The Word Game Project

The Word Game project
Kenzie Larsen

The Word Game project is a large scale ongoing video project in which the content of the work is completely user generated. Participants are invited to be filmed asking questions and giving answers. The result is an ongoing word game that produces sequence of random Q and A that are absurd, hilarious, political and eerily profound. Word Game project asks the Erkineville community to communicate in a completely disconnected manner.

Erskineville Town Hal, 107 Erskineville Rd 1–8 March
Times: Various.

Video Hero

Video Hero
Curated by Di Smith

Video Hero hijacks the television screens at the Rose of Australia in Erskineville and replaces the games of football and daytime television with the work of seven Sydney based video artists. This project responds to the proliferation of screens in the public domain and in places of leisure and recreation, such as the local pub or club. The artists selected respond directly to this environment in which sporting stars and celebrities compete for the attention of the punters. They reinvent and reinterpret the representation of the ‘hero,’ tuning the audience into alternative channels that reveal a flexing bicep clad in gold leaf, or an amateur hammer thrower swinging aimlessly in the park.

Artists: Liam Benson, Kate Blackmore, Sach Catts, Rachel Fuller,
Dominic Kirkwood, Kenzie Larsen, Rachel Scott. DVD authoring: Kate Blackmore.

The Rose of Australia Pub
23 February – 8 MarchThis project was originally commissioned by firstdraft Gallery for Downtown as part of BY GEORGE! ART AND ABOUT 2008 Festival.


Hiromi Tango

A delicate multi-layered installation, part shrine, part shop display, part task- based performance. Betrayal is a tender exploration of a fierce theme. Visit the ongoing week long installation in a one of Eskineville’s most notorious empty shop fronts: Allan’s Cakes.

With collaborating artists: Miss Helen ( Miss Helen’s Le PETITE Bakery)...and to be continued Special thanksto:Helen Miller and Ruriko Miller (mask, cusions, costume disigners), Robynne, and baby Kimiyo ... and to be continued.

Where: The old Allan’s Cakes, Corner of Prospect St and Erskinieville Rd.
1–8 March

Ostentatious Aerobics

Hair of The Dog
The infamous, ostentatious Hair of the Dog (Medium Rare) workout hits the streets for you to join in forty minutes of high impact, sweaty, fantabulous, open –air fun.

80s Aerobics SAT 11AM Come! Come! The fleshy, the timid, the absurd, the sad and lonely, the courageous. A time NOT to take yourself seriously! BYO outfit to shock us… and you.

Pony Club Gymkhana
SUN 11AM This is exercise class with a distinctly horsey feel.......stretching, aerobic moves, circuit training...and there will be ribbons and prizes for all you show ponies! Be your mane tossing best as you work up a sweat. THEN NOON: EUROVISION BALLET

Erskineville Green, Erskineville Rd
March 7-8 11am

Not Just A Face In the Crowd

Not Just A Face In the Crowd
(The Erskinville Positioning System)
Deadpan (Willoh.S Weiland+ Martyn Coutts)
An analogue GPS system that connects people using mobile telephone and balloon technology to create an Erskinville-specific cartography of strangers and conversation. Soon whole of Erskineville will be bobbing with tracking balloons trying to find each other.

Erskineville Town Hall, 107 Erskineville Rd
7-8 March 2-5pm

Rest Area

Sarah-Jane Norman

Now that I’ve found you, this is all I want from you. I’ve come a long way, baby, for this one thing. I want you, I want you to come in, I want you to lie down, I want you to hold me, just for a minute, just for you and just for me, just long enough to feel your breath on the back of my neck. The stars are out and the keys are in the ignition.

Rest Area is a performance installation, an experiment in intimacy, an invocation of a familiar desire, a repetition of a familiar gesture. It is an invitation (should you choose to accept it), a tribute to the solitary female figure in the landscape, and to the melancholy eroticism of loneliness.

Where: Vacant lot, Erskineville Rd
March 7–8 2pm-5pm


Jordana Maisie

When you look into this symbol of destruction and pain – an explosive device/bomb - you are greeted by a beautiful, fluid, interactive kaleidoscopic image which shifts and changes with your movement. This work comments on our capacity to choose and consequently see the good (or bad) in our environment, ourselves and our situation.

Erskineville Park, Erskieville Rd
7–8 March 2-5pm

Karaoke Massage

Teik Kim Pok

Combining the powers of Lullaby and Touch, the pairing up of recognisable pop standards and a light choreographed massage, this work promises to be an intercultural experience like no other.

Where: Outside Erskineville Town Hall
104 Erskineville Rd
March 7–8 2pm - 5pm


Daniel Koerner, Matthew Kneale, Jess Daly

High Vis Dandies is an occupational health and safety work-wear label that will save your life without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. This team will allow the Tiny Stadiums festival to be absurdly controlled in the safest and most beautiful manner.

Roving at most festival events, Erskineville Village

Quarterbred Symposium

SAT 28 February 10am-4pm
Erskineville Town Hall, 107 Erskineville Rd

A one day symposium of new ideas, bringing together some of the most exciting artists and artsworkers in Sydney.

– A.R.I.s and the decisions that they make. How open is their programming?

Speakers from: Chalk Horse Gallery, Lock Smith Gallery, firstdraft Gallery, BlackandBlue Quarterbred, NUCA

- How do we conceptualise our audience? Artists who focus on interactivity, participation and hybridity.

Jordana Maisie, Mark Boliton, Willoh.SWeiland (MELB), Teik Kim Pok

With a particular focus on Asialink Contemporay approaches to cross- cultural excursions.

Beck Conroy, soda_jerk, Keg DeSouza, Karen Therese, Deborah Pollard

What drives the most exciting theatre makers in Sydney?
How are they influenced by other forms?

David Williams (Version 1.0), Halcyon Macleod + Clare Britton (My Darling Patricia), Roslyn Oades, Liza-Mare Syron, John Bayliss

Snacks Provided.
Entry Free.


As part of the Tiny Stadiums festival Quarterbred will launch its inaugural video library. This library will present the work of young and emerging performers and visual artists who have been associated with Quarterbred over the years, as well as seminal work by more established local and international artists. Through this expanding library, Quarterbred hopes to provide public access to an invaluable research archive of works of Australian and international importance. Check out documentation from companies including Version 1.0, The gob squad, PVI Collective and many, many more.

Where and When: Erskineville Town Hall. During Symposium and Village weekender, and more times to be confirmed.

Entry Free